Create Storytime

Project description
Create Storytime is an iPad and iPhone app that lets you create amazing kids stories with exciting and beautiful images. Create Storytime has been reviewed and given 4.2 stars by Best Apps For Kids.

This IOS app was a project I created to help kids who struggle with writing. Kids need to practice writing to improve their vocabulary and writing skills. Staring at a blank page to write a story is a daunting process and this is the problem Create Storytime aims to help with. By providing visual story cues and inspiration this allows a jumping off point for their imagination. 

For this app I addressed the UX design by researching the market and user needs, then sketching out ideas and finally creating mockups. I then hired 9 different illustrators each with their own style and briefed them to create a set of images each. 
In terms of the design and development of the app this was all created by myself. This included designing the layouts and animations. For the programming this was all built in Objective C using Xcode and interface builder.

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