MECSH program (Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting) - CHETRE / UNSW

Project description
I managed the project and team to design and create a suite of video and interactive modules that cover the different situations the nurses may encounter supporting new mothers. The MECSH program is designed to train and support nurses who a making home visits to families at risk of poorer maternal and child health and development outcomes. These online courses are part of a training and support service that has been rolled out across Australia, the UK and is now starting in the US. 

One of the key components of these modules were the scenario videos we scripted and filmed to simulate a home-visit. There were three scenarios filmed with different actresses/mothers, each to be able to demonstrate how the nurse would deal with the situation in a calm and supportive way. I directed the film shoot, provided directions on edits and implemented the video pieces into the modules alongside interactive activities.

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