Neuroscience interactive modules - Bedford, Freeman & Worth publishers

Project description
We created a suite of interactive modules for a major New York based publisher. This publisher creates text books for University and schools. 

Although being an older project this is still one of my favourites due to the fascinating subject matter and the challenge in working through the concepts covered. The attention to detail required to make the animations and interactive content medically accurate meant we had to learn a lot about the basics of Neuroscience, the physical body and psychology. We created a combination of 2D and 3D graphics to illustrate these concepts. 

These included; 
* Neurons and their synaptic behaviour
* How the ear and eyes work to transmit information to the brain
* Creating a 3D model of the brain to rotate and explore

At that time it was relatively new to be using 3D content in a web environment. We were set numerous technical challenges to overcome - and succeeded in the build of an interesting and robust set of modules.

My role in this project was as the project manager / producer, as well as the developer who built the initial technical parts of the project. The other key staff this project required were the illustrators. My job as PM was to guide them while reviewing their work in consultation with the client to make sure they were accurate.

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